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Pipe Beading Tool

Used to create a bead in the pipe to give silicone hoses something to grip to and stop from slipping off.

Mikalor Clamps

The W2 (pro) clamp from Mikalor is made of 430 marine grade stainless steel band with 8.8 bolt zinc CR3 plated. These wide band T-Bolt clamps are excellent for use with silicone hose, especially high-pressure applications.

Flareless Tube Nut & Sleeve

Aeroquip Versaflare two part plated mild steel, female, JIC fitting, can be used with commercially available steel, “Bundy”, “Kunifer” or aluminium tube. No flaring tool required. Use with steel adapters.

Hose Joiners

Simple fittings for joining hoses in low pressure applications

Aluminium Vice Jaws

Aluminium die casting with angled pockets. Cast in magnets hold jaws firmly to vice. Holds anodised fittings during assembly, minimising marking the finish and allows hose to be held firmly during cutting operation.

Teflon Tube Seating Tool

Hand held tool to facilitate seating Teflon tube against sleeve.

Thread Identification Kit

Kit consisting of special calliper, thread gauge and dimension booklet.

Grommet Seals

Bulkead Grommet Seals


Mild steel, chrome plated body with stainless steel ball valve in teflon seating. Black nylon handle.

Use for Fuel shut off and air jack control.

Residual Pressure Valve

Aluminium valves use in any hydraulic system to allow a small amount of pressure to remain to take up free play, as in calipers.

Worm Drive Hose Clamps

Top quality clamps with worm gear and through slots, hexagon/slotted drive, ¼" on 8mm width, 5/16" on 13mm.. We stock all stainless or stainless band with plated screw & housing. Tightening torque 10 in/lbs.

Oetiker Hose Clamps

Zinc plated mild steel . Strong, safe and neat hose clamp, tighten by squeezing ears with, preferably Oetiker, pincers.


Pincers For O-Clips

Pincers, specially designed for use with Oetiker clips.

Hose Support Clips

Aeroquip clips (prefix FBM in price list) are vinyl coated plated mild steel. Clips prefix HSC are rubber sleeved aluminium. And are often preferred due to their smaller fixing hole. Use to secure cables, hoses to chassis, bodywork, etc.


On line shop |  Hose Accessories