Aeroquip Startlite hose

Use where light weight is a primary concern. Complies with FIA regulations. Very little heat dissipation through hose which can be handled whilst containing oil at 100C. Unlike convoluted TFE hoses, hose bore is smooth.

The hose has a special AQP neoprene inner tube, reinforced with fire retardant Nomex outer. To achieve greatest weight saving, up to 45%, use factory swaged silver and blue fittings, for on site assembly use the red and blue compression style Racing Hose fittings.

Performance & dimensions.

Temperature range -40C to 150C.
Vacuum rated to 20in. Hg.

Pt No Hose id Hose od Working pressure Burst pressure Weight lbs.ft/kg.m Bend radius
FBU0400 0.22"(-4) 0.43" 200psi 1000psi .05/.074 2.0"
FBU0600 0.34"(-6) 0.55" 200psi 1000psi .08/.12 2.5"
FBU0800 0.44"(-8) 0.64" 200psi 1000psi .11/.16 3.5"
FBU1000 0.56"(-10) 0.80" 200psi 1000psi .14/.21 4.0"
FBU1200 0.69"(-12) 0.93" 100psi 400psi .16/.24 4.5"
FBU1600 0.88(-16) 1.15 100psi 400psi .20/.30 5.5
  FBU2000 1.13"(-20) 1.41 200psi 1000psi .25/.37 5.5"

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