Aerospace style hose

For war zones like Vietnam the US military required a range of strong, light, high temperature hose assemblies that could be serviced in the field for use in oil, fuel and hydraulic applications, mainly on helicopters. Aeroquip came up with the AE701 hose and "Little gem" fittings, these eventually found their way onto the war surplus market and were seized upon by the motor racing fraternity.
The supply of these hoses and fittings gradually dried up, and a new industry came into being making compatible hose and fittings. Earls "Permo-o-flex", Goodridge "200" and Keith Black "Kb-plus" are examples. Aeroquip returned to the market with the hose renamed "FC333 Racing hose".
All these hoses and fittings are interchangeable but only assemblies from one "manufacturer" have any guarantee. Despite the interchangeability there are differences in design of the method of fitting and the means of achieving a "double swivel" on angled fittings.
In the beginning the Aeroquip " little Gem " fittings had a cutter style attachment. which was suited to coping with the high pressures in hydraulic systems and assembly by trained personnel. For the less demanding motorsport use they opted for the far more user friendly compression style fitting, unlike the competition which stayed with the old design.
Aeroquip were very late in producing a double swivel angled fitting but when they did they overcame problems associated with existing designs where to achieve a swivel the fitting had to turn in the hose thus breaking the primary seal and often when sticking occurred the secondary seal as well.

Complies with FIA regulations. Used by professional teams who will only consider the best for fuel, oil and airjack systems.

Aeroquip FC333 hose

Use with all fluids in automotive applications, except brake pressure lines. This hose has AQP elastomer tube, partial stainless steel inner braid and a full stainless steel outer braid reinforcement.  Pressure capabilities vary with dimensions see chart below.

Moquip Aero Hose

Our "own brand" version of FC333. The specification is very similar to the above but offered at a very competitive price.

Performance & dimensions.

Temperature range -49oC to +150oC. Vacuum rating 28 in/Hg.

Size Moquip Part No Aeroquip Pt No Hose id Hose od Working pressure Burst pressure Weight lbs.ft Bend radius
-4 MRH-4 FBA0400 0.22" 0.44" 1000psi 6000psi .11 2.0"
-6 MRH-6 FBA0600 0.34" 0.55" 1000psi 6000psi .16 2.5"
-8 MRH-8 FBA0800 0.44" 0.65" 1000psi 5000psi .17 3.5"
-10 MRH-10 FBA1000 0.56" 0.80" 1000psi 5000psi .21 4.0"
-12 MRH-12 FBA1200 0.69" 0.94" 1000psi 4000psi .29 4.5"
-16 MRH-16 FBA1600 0.88" 1.15" 750psi 3000psi .38 5.5"
-20   FBA2000 1.13" 1.41" 500psi 2000psi .49 8.0"
-24   FBA2400 1.34" 1.70" 50psi 200psi .80 9.0"
-32   FBA3200 1.75" 2.09" 50psi 200psi .98 12.5"

Fittings for FC333 hose

We offer five types of fitting.

1. The genuine Aeroquip product in blue and red anodised aluminium with double swivel on angled fittings.Fittings are called, and are, reusable, assembly is achieved by a simple threading together operation, ideal for on site assembly. Threads are JIC, straight, and swept bend 45°,90°,120°,150° & 180° configurations are available.

2. As above but in non swivel mode, it is lighter and less bulky for those prepared to take the trouble to line up the hose on assembly.

3. As per the two above but the fitting is swaged on to the hose. Swageing can be carried out at our factory or we can supply a suitable machine. This provides the ultimate weight saving.

4. Aeroquip do not offer a forged angled fitting, considering pressure drops through such devices as prohibitive. We offer a Moquip compact bend which has not only the small envelope of the forged fitting but also the strength due to the consistent wall thickness and one piece construction. They are anodised red and blue aluminium and are reuseable with cutter style attachment. Double swivel facility is standard.

5. Although we offer a wide range of adapters, it is sometimes desirable to use a metric female fitting, we offer a range, they have forged aluminium angle fittings and a black and gold finish and are reuseable.

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