Oil cooler take-offs

Any engine fitted with a full flow oil filter may be adapted to take an oil cooler. This is achieved in various ways.
Type A A sandwich plate fitted between filter head and filter bowl. In certain cases there is insufficient room to fit a sandwich plate, in these instances it is sometimes possible to obtain a filter assembly shorter than the original fitting. We can advise if such filters are available for any particular engine. Our sandwich plates for engines with spin on filters can have built in thermostat.
Type B A sandwich plate between the filter assembly and cylinder block.
Type C Discard the original filter head and replace with a filter head tapped to take the oil flow.
Type D The original filter assembly may be relocated and instead of a sandwich plate, a take-off plate and remote filter may be fitted, see below. In the case of the Triumph Dolomite and Stag a cover plate on the block may be removed and replaced with a special take off (TOP7/7B)
Type E For the Rover, Buick, Oldsmobile, V8 where space can be very limited we can supply a replacement oil pump cover with outlets for a remote filter plus oil cooler if required.
Type F For the 6 Cylinder Triumph engines where there is not enough room to fit a Type A plate we provide an adapter turning the filter through 90, For convenience this takes a spin on oil filter
Type G In the case of BMC "A" and "B"series engines an external oil pipe may be removed and replaced with hoses running to and from the oil cooler. "A" series have 1/4 NPTF & 5/8 UNF use HEM8-4-8 & HEM1-7-8 hose ends or suitable adapters. "B" series have 1/2BSP threads, use suitable adapters.
Type J The Volkswagen Beetle and Porsche derivatives have an oil cooler fitted to the engine as standard, this will be insufficient for modified engines and also blocks the air flow to number 4 cylinder. We provide an adapter to fit in place of the existing cooler with 3/8NPTF connections to cooler. Consideration may be given to fitting a remote oil filter in the cooler circuit, the original engine having no filter, we advise fitting a part number 500 valve in place of the original combined oil pressure relief and cooler bypass valve, this ensures oil flow through the filter at all times. An oilstat can be used to control flow to the cooler.

Take off plates for use with remote filters:

It is sometimes desirable to relocate the existing oil filter due to lack of space brought about by engine changes, installation in kit cars, fitting an oil cooler or in a dry sump system. We have two types of take off plates that fit in place of existing spin on filter to allow for connection to a remote filter.


Type H Top take off, TOP will require a minimum of 4.5" clearance including hose fittings and adapters.
Sideport take off, TOPO will require only 2.5" clearance. Can be turned to face any direction.

Fitting chart 

Make Model Sandwich
Pt No
Type Take off
Pt No
Alfa Romeo all 4 cyl models after '72 SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
all 4 cyl models SP14 B  
American Motors all models '65 on SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
Audi all models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Austin Healey Sprite   G  
all 6 cyl models SP15 B  
Austin/Morris BMC etc all models with "A" series engine   A  
Maestro with o series engine SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
Marina 1.3 SP1E A TOP1E/TOPO1E H
BMW all models with spin on filter SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
6 cyl models with removable element filter SP26 A  
Buick all models '59 on SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
all models '78 on SP1D A TOP1D/TOPO1D H
Cadillac V6 all models all models '60 on SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
Chevrolet All V8 models with spin on filter SP16A A TOP16/T0O16A H
all models '78 on SP1D A TOP1D/TOPO1D H
Chrysler (America) all models '59 on SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Chrysler (Britain) all models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Daf all models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Datsun all models * SP1* A TOP1/TOPO1 H
FIAT all models over 900cc SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Ford (GB) Anglia 105F, Cortina & Escort '70 on SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
above pre Oct '70 SP3 A  
V4 and V6 models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Ford (Germany) all models '62 on SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Ford (U.S.A.) all models '59 on SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Honda Accord/Prelude * SP1G* A TOP1G/TOPO1G H
Jaguar MK2, 240, 340, XK150 SP10 A  
all other 6 cyl models SP31 B  
all 6 cyl models FH2 C TOP10
all 12 cyl models FH4 C  
Lotus all models after '71 SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Elan all models pre '71 SP3 A  
MG Midget 1500 SP1A A TOP1A/TOPO1A H
late TD/TF SP24 A  
MG A/B   G  
Mazda all models '89 on SP1F* A TOP1F/TOPO1F H
Mercedes 230SL and 220 range SP8 A  
Mitsubishi Colt all models * SP1F* A TOP1F/TOPO1F H
Morgan Plus 4 SP9 B  
Plus 4 SP13 A  
See explanation under "Triumph"  
NSU 1000, 1200 use with spin-off filter SP12 A  
Oldsmobile all models '60 on except V6 '78 on SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
V6 models '78 on SP1D A TOP1D/TOPO1D- H
Opel all models except 1.6/1.8 ltr after '81 SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
all V8 models SP16 A TOP16/16A H
Peugeot 204/5 & 304/5 '75 on except GTI SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
204/5 & 304/5 to '75 except diesel SP1D A TOP1D/TOPO1D H
204 SP20 A  
404 pre March '68 SP22 A  
Pontiac all models '60 to '78 SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
all models '78 on SP1D A TOP1D/TOPO1D H
Reliant V6 models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Renault all models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H


2000, 3500 & all derivatives with SD1 engine SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
3500 pre SD1 engine SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
Replacement pump cover use with remote filter for 3500 and all V8 derivatives   E PC1 E
Land Rover 4 cyl SP11 B  
Replacement filter head to fit all "K" series engines FH6 C  
213,800,827 SP1G A TOP1G/O1G H
214, 220,414i,420  "K" series, 820  SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
216 to 1990 SP1  A TOP1/TOP01 H
216 1990 on Honda engine,218,416,418,600  SP1F A TOP1F/TOPO1F H
Saab V4, 99 2 ltr (for 1800 99 see TOP 7) SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Simca 1000, 1200S, 100, 1204 SP1B A TOP1B/TOPO1B H
Studebaker all Avanti, '62 on SP1C A TOP1C/TOPO1C H
Subaru all except those with "micro" filter '86 on SP1* A TOP1/TOPO1 H
'86 on with "micro" filters SP1F A TOP1F/TOPO1F H
Toyota all models * SP1* A TOP1/TOPO1 H
'87 on with "micro" filter NEW SP1* A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Triumph Spitfire, Herald SP1A A TOP1A/TOPO1A H
TR5, TR250, TR6 r.h.d. GT6 and Vitesse SP6 A TOP/6 H
TR2/3/4/4a SP9 B  
TR2/3/4/4a SP13 A  
With the SP9 the oil cooler is upstream of the oil pressure valve, damage has occurred during high RPM cold starts. The SP13 avoids this problem but does not suit all installations. 
2000, 2.5PI, Left hand drive GT6 FH3 F  
TR7, Dolomite   D TOP7 D
Stag   D TOB7b D
Vauxhall all 4 cyl OHC models to '81 SP4 A  
all 6 cyl engines except Velox, Cresta, Ventora SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
4 cyl not OHC engines '63 on SP4 A  
Volkswagen all models except Beetles with no oil filter SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H
Beetles   D TOP27 J
Volvo all models SP1 A TOP1/TOPO1 H

Part Nos. SP1/A/B/C/DE/F/G can have thermostatic operation, prefix part no with OT, e.g. OTSP1. Alternatively they may be tapped to take an oil temperature gauge prefix with TGA.

Threads on SP1/OTSP1 & TOP1/TP01. Suffix:  None is 3/4UNF male/female, A is 5/8UNF male/female inverted, B is M16 male/female, C is 13/16 UNF male/female, D is M18 male/female, E is 5/8UNF male/female, F is M20 male/female, G is M22 male/female.

*We have also made a quantity of sandwich plates from billet aluminium to fit the Japanese microfilter which are of slightly smaller diameter than the new SP1. They are called SP2A/B/ etc. 

For remote filter applications where no take off is shown, the only solution is to use a sandwich plate together with the existing filter bowl with the filter removed, if space is limited, bowl and center bolt must be cut down to suit.

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