ProGold hose & fitting

An extremely light hose assembly consisting of a convoluted wrapped PTFE (Teflon) liner with a Nomex covering, PTFE hoses are resistant to all types of automotive fluids. They are also available with stainless steel braid outer covering. Where the utmost weight saving is sought factory swaged fittings are used but hoses with re-useable fittings still offer a significant weight saving. There is no interchangeability of hoses and fittings between different manufacturers of convoluted TFE hose.
Fittings are aluminium with anodised blue fittings and gold nuts/ferrules. Elbows have one piece bends (not brazed) and the double swivel rotates in the housing not hose. ProGold AR fittings are reusable, ProGold AC fittings are swaged at our factory.

Stainless steel braided.


Performance & dimensions:

Temperature range -54oC to +204oC.
Max working pressure 500psi.

Pt No Hose ID Hose OD Max Vacuum Weight Bend Radius
AR-06-S 0.54" 0.36" 28in/Hg 0.16Kg/m 1.00"
AR-08-S 0.62" 0.43" 28in/Hg 0.19Kg/m 1.50"
AR-10-S 0.75" 0.54" 28in/Hg 0.27Kg/m 2.00"
AR-12-S 0.66" 0.88" 28in/Hg 0.32Kg/m 2.50"
AR-16-S 0.87" 1.08" 28in/Hg 0.39Kg/m 3.50"

Nomex braided.

 Performance & dimensions:

Temperature range -54oC to 150oC.
Max working pressure 250psi

Pt No Hose ID Hose OD Max Vacuum Weight Bend Radius
AR-06-N 0.36" 0.54" 28in/Hg 0.09Kg/m 1.00"
AR-06-N 0.43" 0.62" 28in/Hg 0.12Kg/m 1.50"
AR-10-N 0.54" 0.75" 28in/Hg 0.19Kg/m 2.00"
AR-12-N 0.66" 0.88" 20in/Hg 0.20Kg/m 2.50"
AR-16-N 0.87" 1.08" 10in/Hg 0.25Kg/m 3.50"

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