Moquip oil hose

Moquip oil hoses and fittings are economically priced and suitable for all oil  carrying purposes in vehicles except those used in competition where regulations specify a 135C maximum temperature. (The hose will still function at these temperatures but a gradual but detectable hardening of the hose will shorten life).

Standard black hose

Has an elastomer (type of rubber) inner tube, one textile braid reinforcement and elastomer outer cover in accordance with SAE 100R6 specification
The temperature range is -40C to +120C. 400psi(27.5bar) working, 1600psi(110bar) burst pressure.

Dimensions and bend radius.

1/2" bore 0.77"/19.8 mm outside diameter 3.9"/101mm bend radius
5/8" bore 0.92"/23.0 mm outside diameter 5.0"/127mm bend radius
3/4"bore 1.03"/26.0 mm outside diameter 7.1"/180mm bend radius

Stainless steel braided hose.

Dimensions and bend radius.

We can supply Moquip 100R6 with a stainless steel braided cover where enhanced appearance and extra abrasion resistance is required. Competition regulations invariably require a braided covering for hoses running through the cockpit area.

1/2" bore 0.83"/21.0mm outside diameter 3.9"/101mm bend radius
5/8" bore 0.95"/24.0mm outside diameter 5.0"/127mm bend radius
3/4"bore 1.15"/29.0mmoutside diameter 7.1"/180mm bend radius

Fittings for oil hose.

The lightweight mild steel fittings with serrated shaft are usually swaged to the hose at our factory. When ordering, measurements should be taken from mating face to mating face, if the assembly does not include a straight fitting, orientation of fittings may be specified, although the swaged ferrule may be clamped in a vice and the fitting rotated to the desired position.
When required for on-site assembly use with a worm drive clamp tightened to 10 inch/pounds (1.2Nm), an O-clamp which is secured with pincers is a neat alternative, use a Proclamp if hose is wire braided to avoid unsightly frayed ends.

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