Laminova water to oil coolers

The amazing Laminova laminar flow cooler has opened the automotive market to oil to water coolers.

Mocal oil to air coolers are:

The Laminova coolers:

The main components, the outer shell and the core(s) are aluminium extrusions.
The cores, through which the oil flows,have, by some magical process, been machined to provide fins 0.2 mm ( 7 thou) thick and 3mm high and spaced 0.3mm (11 thou) apart, such restrictive finning would normally cause a huge pressure drop, but by introducing channels in the finning, the oil flow is kept laminar as opposed to turbulent as in other cooler designs and the pressure drop remains low.
The water flows through the centre of the core, for most applications where the full pump flow is available (above 80 litres per minute)this works well, however where only a lesser flow is available as in by-pass installations e.g.the heater circuit on a road car is a by-pass, removable plugs/restrictors will force most of the water through the outer extruded channels
This construction is versatile the shell and core being made in 4 different diameters.



We stock the:

Waterside connections for 16mm, 18mm, 26mm, 32mm, 38mm, 42mm and 45mm bore hoses also -16, -20 and -24 SAE 37o (JIC) threaded unions.
Oilside male connections for -6, -8, -10, -12 and -16SAE 37o (JIC) also 3/4BSP are stocked, others to special order.

See new page for Dimensions of coolers.

Choice of size. The other attached page shows performance graphs. Performance is very much dependant on oil and water flows, information that very few possess, Our sales staff have experience of many installations and may be able to advise.


Think Automotive's main business is in supplying off the shelf cooling solutions, however the Laminova system is incredibly versatile. We can discuss specials where the options are:


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