Convoluted stainless steel tube and fittings.

Specially formed stainless steel convoluted tube with re-useable red/blue anodised aluminium fittings. Use on fuel lines, dry sump lines to and from tank where light weight and ease of installation are considerations.


Performance & Dimensions

Temperature range -49C to +150C.

Pt No Working pressure Tube ID Tube OD Max Vacuum Weight Kg/m Bend Radius
500-06 14 bar 8mm 12.7mm 28in/Hg 0.10 17mm
500-08 14 bar 11mm 15.6mm 28in/Hg 0.13 20mm
500-10 10 bar 12mm 18.5mm 28in/Hg 0.20 23mm
500-12 10 bar 15mm 22.5mm 28in/Hg 0.24 28mm
500-16 8 bar 20mm 26.7mm 28in/Hg 0.33 33mm
500-20 7 bar 27mm 33.5mm 28in/Hg 0.45 42mm

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