Engine oil cooler installation kits

We manufacture components to enable all types of oil cooler to be fitted any kind of vehicle. To save our customers time and trouble we are able to supply a complete installation kit for fitting Mocal coolers to production cars, part numbers for the more popular kits are shown below, no vehicle is impossible provided we can find an example to measure, so please ask if a model is not listed. In the kits we use a top quality textile braided elastomer (a type of black rubber) covered hose with factory swaged on BSP fittings, we also offer these hoses with a stainless steel braid covering where enhanced appearance and extra abrasion resistance is required. Hose bore is 1/2", where we feel that oil flow could be restricted we use 5/8"

If, as on most modern cars, a spin off oil filter is used then the kit can incorporate a built in oilstat, if the car has a disposable element filter then the oilstat must be ordered separately and inserted into a suitable section of hose run after installation, where braided covering has been specified then to avoid frayed ends at the oilstat use suitable Proclamps, part no HF-10 for 1/2", HF-12 for 5/8".

Cooler size. We recommend a 10 row cooler for most cars under 2 litres with a 13 row for larger capacity engines. Kits with * in price list need coolers with 5/8 BSP connections.

PartNo Description PartNo Description
OCI40 Alfa 4 cyl rear drive pre 1972 OCI998 Mazda 323 (T)
OCI41 Alfa 4 cyl rear drive post 1972 OCI1879 Mercedes 190 * (T)
OCI42 Alfa Alfetta (T) OCI98 MG late TC early TD
OCI43 Alfa Alfasud (T) OCI99 MG late TD/TF
OCI2418 Aston Martin DB2/4 MGA1 MGA kit has OEM style steel tubes
OCI44 Audi 80 (T) OCI96 Morgan plus 8 preSD1 engine * (T)
OCI45 BMC Mini/MiniCooper OCI97 Morgan plus 8 with SD1 engine * (T)
OCI46 BMC Mini Clubman 1100/1300 OCI94 Morgan 4/4 (T)
OCI49 BMC 2200/Princess (T) OCI95 Morgan plus 4
OCI53 BMC Healey 100-6/3000 OCI100 NSU 1000/1200
OCI1718 BMC Maestro 2ltr (T) OCI104 Opel Manta/Ascona before 1981 (T)
OCI52 BMC Sprite/Midget pre 1974 OCI1511 Opel Manta post 1981 (T)
OCI51 BMC Midget 1500 (T) OCI1828 Peugeot 205 (T)
OCI60 BMW 4cyl post 1863 *(T) OCI1540 Porsche 924 (T)
OCI1179 BMW 6cyl pre 2.3ltr *(T) OCI109 Reliant Scimitar 3 ltr * (T)
OCI61 BMW 6cyl post 1969 * OCI110 Reliant Scimitar 2.8 ltr * (T)
OCI964 Caterham Super 7 1981-83 (T) OCI111 Renault 5 (T)
OCI1287 Caterham Super 7 1983 (10x115 cooler)(T) OCI2417 Renault 5 GT Turbo
OCI151 Chevrolet Camaro V8 * (T) OCI999 Renault 18 Turbo (T)
OCI1000 Chevrolet Corvette * (T) OCI112 Rootes Imp/Chamois (T)
OCI1829 Colt Shogun * (T) OCI115 Rootes Avenger (T)
OCI887 Colt 1200/1300/1400 fwd hatchback (T) OCI118 Rover Range Rover * (T)
OCI63 Colt 2000 rear wheel drive (T) OCI119 Rover new 3500 * (T)
OCI64 DatsunCherry (T) OCI120 Rover Land Rover
OCI66 Datsun 160/180 (T) OCI122 Saab 99 2 ltr (T)
OCI68 Datsun 140Z/260Z/240K/260C (T) OCI128 Skoda S110 (T)
OCI70 Fiat 128 (T) OCI124 Subaru 1600 (T)
OCI71 Fiat 127 (T) OCI127 Sunbeam Lotus
OCI69 Fiat 4cyl rwd (T) OCI2435 Suzuki Swift (T)
OCI73 Fiat Ritmo/Strada (T) OCI997 Toyota Corolla (T)
OCI72 Fiat x-19 (T) OCI129 Toyota Carina/Celica (T)
OCI2423 Fiat Uno Turbo OCI130 Triumph Herald/Spitfire (T)
OCI77 Ford Ang/Esct/Ctna pre 1971 OCI131 Triumph Vitesse/GT6 rhd
OCI78 Ford Esct 1300/1600 ohv post 1971 (T) OCI132 Triumph TR2/3/4a
OCI1204 Ford Escort Mk3 (T) OCI133 Triumph 2000/2.5 PI
OCI74 Ford Fiesta (T) OCI134 Triumph TR5/6
OCI150 Ford Mustang V8 * (T) OCI135 Triumph GT6 lhd
OCI75 Ford RS2000 * (T) OCI136 Triumph Dolomite
OCI76 Ford V4/V6 German eng. * (T) OCI137 Triumph TR7
OCI80 Ford V4/V6 UK eng not pas * (T) OCI1230 Triumph TR5/6 spin off
OCI81 Ford V4/V6 UK eng with pas * (T) OCI1382 Vauxhall Astra 1800 & GTE
OCI2391 Ford Sierra Cosworth * (T) OCI138 Vauxhall Chvt/Viva/Frza ohv
OCI82 Honda Civic OCI141 Vauxhall Chvt/Vva/Frza.Mgm ohc (T)
OCI83 Honda Accord/Prelude (T) OCI142 Vauxhall Cavalier pre 1981 (T)
OCI2421 Honda CRX (T) OCI1511 Vauxhall Cavalier post 1981 (T)
OCI84 Jaguar 6cyl E type * OCI146 Volkswagen Beetle
OCI85 Jaguar Mk2/240/340/XK150 * OCI147 Volkswagen Beetle kit with remote filter
OCI1582 Jaguar XJ6 * OCI148 Volkswagen Golf (T)
OCI1830 Jaguar XJ12XJS V12 * OCI149 Volkswagen Scirocco (T)
OCI86 Lada all models (T) OCI143 Volvo 4cyl not 66/343 (T)
OCI89 Lotus Elan post 1971 (T) OCI144 Volvo 6 cyl
OCI91 Lotus 7 post 1971    
OCI92 Lotus Europa Ford eng. (T)    
OCI93 Lotus Europa Renault eng    

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