Aston and Monza filler caps

Originally made by Enots, nobody can find the original date of manufacture of this famous range of filler caps, we have seen advertisements in magazines dating back to 1937 so they must rate as the oldest automotive components in current use. They will always be associated with famous competition cars of the sixties, twin caps on the rallying Mini Coopers, big central caps on the tails of Cobras however as in all great designs they do not look out of place on modern machinery.

The Astons are available with 2",2 "& 3" internal threads, the Monzas with 2",2 "& 2 "internal threads. They are made from polished aluminium or chrome plated brass except for the 3" Aston in either black epoxy finish or polished aluminium only.  We supply the caps in their vented form, but for cars used in competition which have separate breathers we can supply a conversion to non vented (a blob of solder covering the drilled breather hole works equally well).

The Aston has a quick release action and was used as a fuel filler cap on most sports racing cars before dry break systems became compulsory. The actual catch has been simplified over the years, (to satisfy safety requirements further modifications will be made by June 1st 2000) but we can supply the 3.5" cap with an original roller catch to satisfy the purists.

The Monza has a snap action and was used where a neater appearance was more important than split second refuelling. Both caps are also used on oil tanks, rocker covers etc.

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Fitting the caps


Can be either a threaded brass collar which has a recess into which a tube can be soldered or Araldited, 2" takes 1.75" tube, 2" takes 2.25", 2" takes 2.5", or a threaded aluminium tube which can be welded or take a hose of the same bore as the thread.


We have the original chrome plated brass flanges, aluminium and undrilled for the 3.5 Aston or a new range of polished aluminium flanges which, confusingly, can also be chromed, these are designed for direct fixing to a tank.


Flanges with funnels

They can be fitted to the bodywork and allow for hoses to be connected to a remote tank. Also machined to accept a locking insert .


Petrol Filters.

Brass fuel filters fitting between cap and collar/flange are available, for the 2" & 2" caps made from 40 mesh brass gauze they are 76mm deep.

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